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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

The Whole Truth About Milk: Raw vs Pasteurized DVD

To follow on from the last two posts on Raw Milk (RAW MILK DEBATE – Safety, Health, Economic, Legal) I wanted to let you know about a DVD video that has just recently been released by Mark McAfee (owner and operator of the largest Raw Milk facility in California, 

Also appearing in the 120min video is David Gethoff (an internationally recognized Doctor of Naturopathy) and regarded as an expert on the relationship between health and natural foods.

CLICK on the following AUDIO for a brief introduction to the DVD

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Raw Milk – Raw Deal For Supporters?

To add to my earlier post RAW MILK DEBATE – Safety, Health, Economic, Legal (where I have included links to down-loadable documents related to the key scientific points related to the raw milk issue). Here are a few notable links to videos that I wanted to bring to your attention.

The Issue: Raw Milk in California has had a perfect safety record yet new laws are in place (AB 1735) to eliminate raw milk sales in California.

How and why does that affect you?

The key point in all of this is your right to choose.

As one written response to the following video stated ….. “WOW!!! I had no idea raw milk was so bad for us. If it’s being banned before alcohol and tobacco, then it must really be horrible… or am I missing something here. …….Is my unpasteurized, fresh squeezed orange juice next?”

American television and motion picture actor Dan Wells had this to say to the Governor of California.


Even though the following clip taken from an interview with Mark McAfee, (Organic Pastures Dairy) was recorded in Feb’07, his passion and his commitment comes through loud and clear.

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

RAW MILK DEBATE – Safety, Health, Economic, Legal

Holstein_cows_largeThere is a lot of information out on the Internet and conventional news sources on the Raw Milk issue these days. Unfortunately, the time and space allocated to the subject on the various news media, is so tiny that usually only the sensationalism of one small aspect of the argument tends to come through.

It’s a complex issue in the arena of debate, but for most advocates of raw milk consumption the rules are simple and confidence high, that consumption of raw milk from  healthy, grass fed cows poses less risk than most foods at the local supermarket.

Are there reliable scientific studies and statistics
to back up this confidence in the value
and safety of quality raw milk?
Why don’t you decide ?

Here is a way to get down to the “nitty gritty” of key points presented by both sides of the argument, I highly recommended down-loading the documents available through the following links.