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Friday, February 29th, 2008

Do Thoughts and Beliefs Influence Health and Disease?

Nucleosome structureA new light is dawning in the understanding of our physical makeup and what controls and alters the “readout” of our physical form.

“They told me that there was nothing that I could do about it….. that it was in my genes.”  ….. Is this still the current, popular line of thought?

Is our fate REALLY so securely tied to what was handed down to us through our genetic blueprint?

Recent understandings through EPI-genetics
point to disease as being optional and not
pre-determined by genetics alone.

The genome is likened to the hardware of a computer, whereas the epigenome is likened to the software that tells the computer what to do.  It’s the “On/Off” mechanism for the functioning of the gene.

How does it work?
Do we, as individuals have any conscious control
over this switching mechanism?

In the following video Bruce H. Lipton PhD. asserts that it is your mind and your beliefs, not defective genes, that influences the activation of disease cells. This influence extends even to the thoughts of those around us.