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Friday, June 27th, 2008

SB #201 Fresh Raw Milk Act – Progress Update #2

Another boost for Raw Milk advocates and supporters!

On June 25th the Assembly Agriculture Committee in California gave the “thumbs up” for Senate Bill #201, “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”. 

          Voting Record for Senate Bill #201

What some have affectionately called the “Safest Milk In the World” Bill, SB #201, is definitely off to a flying start.

We now await the third and final vote (coming soon); this time by the Full Assembly. …… stay tuned.

If you are new to the Raw Milk debate please review our post of June 23rd. as well as more in depth articles accessed via the reference links below. 

Organic Pastures
Weston A. Price Foundation.  
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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Senate (Fresh Raw Milk) Bill #201 – Progress Update 1

I just HAD to post a quick update on the progress of Senate Bill #201, “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”

News has just come in that there was a unanimous vote “YES” for SB #201 by the Assembly Health Committee in California !!

          Voting Record for Senate Bill #201

We’ve designated a ONE cow graphic per successful stage. That means …… THREE “COWS” and we’re IN. … (yes, I’m counting cows now).

Many of us breathed a sigh of relief as the first crucial hurdle was passed.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Support Senate Bill #201 “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”.

Your Support Is Urgently Needed:
Support Senate Bill #201 “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”

The battle to preserve your rights to drink raw milk continues. The battleground is centered in California, but the results ultimately will effect everyone.

For details on exactly HOW you can help please visit the page at the OrganicPastures.COM website. CLICK HERE. 

Monday 23rd June,
is the day to make those calls to
California Assembly Health Committee Members
(they meet and vote on Tuesday June 24th)

For Details On HOW YOU CAN HELP.

 “Must see” Video: (9 min)
Good information about SB 201 and how it affects your choice as a consumer.

What’s Been Happening?

Here’s a brief update to fill in the events from when we posted last.

Much has been happening both on the Legal front as well as that of the Legislature.

In the last post we were looking forward to gaining a bit more ground during the hearings held on April 25th and May 23rd, but this was not to be.