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Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Genetically Modified Foods – What You Should Know.

Filling Out the Big Picture of The Biotech Industry

Will Genetically Modified Foods provide the solution to so many of the world’s problems as were originally promised?
What studies have been done to ensure their safety?
What is the real impact of GMO crops on the environment?

It’s been a hot topic for many years now. The Biotech industry claims that it’s our only solution to the problems of feeding the world’s starving millions, with further benefits for health etc. etc…. It all sounds wonderful, till you start listening to the arguments against it. It’s message is positively chilling.

Let’s step back a little and take a look at the whole Biotech industry…. how it began, how it has performed so far, what safety measures are or are not in place.  

The following documentary, “FED UP! – Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Alternatives” won the Best of the Festival Award at the 2004 Berkeley Video and Film Festival.

It is presented here in THREE parts (approx 20 minutes each). It is packed with footage of interviews with representatives on both sides. and provides a “big picture” look at the background and impact of GM foods on our lives and the environment.

I feel that it provides an excellent first-introduction to the topic.

To follow is Part 1, (just click the image below and the video will load).

Parts 2 & 3 are already set up for your viewing.