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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Kitchen Literacy – How We Became So Ignorant About Our Food

Kitchen Literacy Cover

Here’s a quick “heads up” to a book that looks like it provides a perfect compliment to what I wrote about recently in “The Local Food Economy and Health”  Part1, Part2 and Part 3.

It’s called “Kitchen Literacy – How We Lost Knowledge of Where Our Food Comes From and Why We Need To get It Back”

According to critics, the author Ann Vileisis, has researched and written a veritable treatise on the subject.

I acknowledge that I haven’t read the book myself, but, after researching and preparing this report, it’s definitely going on my list of books to read.

Reviews of Kitchen Literacy
You can find reviews from seven people on
Amazon.COM. The average rating there is 4.2-Stars out of a possible 5-Star Rating. Another independent reviewer reports her opinion CLICK HERE.

The following 4 minute VIDEO overview of Kitchen Literacy by author Ann Vileisis herself, gives a good sense of what it’s about.