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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Cucumber Supreme Salad – Recipe

Cucumber Supreme Salad A few weeks ago we were given short notice of some friends arriving for a visit. It was one of those times when the weekly shop should have been done days ago and the refrigerator was really down to ?slim pickn?s?.

?Yes, we have two cucumbers and we have, ?? ahh ?? not much else!?

It?s amazing how creativity moves into full gear when there isn?t much to work with. Thankfully, the result turned out to be appreciated by everyone and I added another recipe to our book.

This was one of the dishes served that day. See how you like it.

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

CFL’s – What’s Their “Dirty” Secret? (Part 3)

Continuing on from the last post in this series on CFL’s.

In Part 2 of this article I covered the safe alternatives to CFL’s; in particular the highly efficient LED lamps. I also introduced solutions to the issue of “dirty electricity” in the home environment.

Could CFL's be making you sick?Because there are such a wide range of adverse health effects that are reportedly linked to the use of CFL’s, I felt this issue warranted a section on its own.

be making you sick?

You just might find the answers to your problem in this report.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

nausea,          dizzy spells,          joint pain,
blurry vision,          anxiety,          eye pain,  
headaches,          migraine,          or skin rashes?

The symptoms listed here are among many reported by consumers who claimed that CFL’s were the cause of their problems. They reported that often dramatic symptom relief occurred when CFL’s were removed.

Earlier this month a Canadian investigative TV series 16:9 The Bigger Picture published a story of their continued investigation into the possible dangers of using those curly fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s).

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

LED Bulbs ? Price vs Value

Following in between postings on my 3-Part article on the “Dirty Secret” of CFL’s, I wanted to bring to your attention some examples of what you can expect when exploring the option of advanced LED technology for household lighting.

Better than have me rave on trying to describe to you what’s what, I’ve lined up a few videos that convey the message quite nicely. I found them quite eye-opening and as well as educational.

This first one  features Editor-In-Chief of, Hank Green. He conducts quite an amusing 5-minute demonstration and comparative assessment of the ZetaLux, EvoLux and CL-3 against CFL  and Incandescent Bulbs.

In addition to learning a thing or two about these bulbs, you’re quite likely to crack a smile every now and then too. Check it out.

Comparing Bulb Options