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Monday, November 7th, 2011

Healing Cancer World Summit Day 1 – Gonzalez

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If you followed up on my previous post announcing the Healing Cancer World Summit, I’m sure you’d be glad that you availed yourself of the opportunity. 

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Charlotte Gerson

For the record, here and in subsequent postings, I will attempt to summarize some of the main points covered by each of the personalities interviewed in this series. Hopefully,  it’ll provide a bit of an introduction to what’s out there, with regards alternative cancer therapies and integrative cancer therapies. Perhaps, it’ll even stimulate you to further investigation.

I’ll be providing important, relevant links, in each post, so you can follow up manually and benefit from more information, even if you’ve not listened to the recordings. Of course, if you’re inspired to purchase the whole package of recordings as well, then simply CLICK HERE for the further information on that.

Despite the good, and the often "heroic" work, that these alternative and integrative practitioners have been doing, they also have to deal with their detractors and critics.  For the purposes of this series of reports, I’ll keep my focus on giving you an opportunity to get a sense of what they each have to offer and leave the due diligence up to you.