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Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Healing Cancer World Summit Day 1 – Gerson

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Following on from the previous post, here is a general summary of the second interview held on Day 1 of the Healing Cancer World Summit. I have also included some further, related comments and links to resources that I hope you will find useful in exploring this subject further.

As with all of these interviews, I wish to state that this writing is merely a reporting on the content of each of the interviews from the Healing Cancer World Summit. It is not, nor intended to be, medical advice. If you are sick we advise that you seek the care of qualified healthcare provider. We at do not necessarily agree nor disagree with everything that each speaker presents.

Charlotte Gerson

Meet Charlotte Gerson:
Charlotte Gerson is a very vibrant and active 89 year old. She regularly drives herself across the border to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico to counsel patients and present lectures. Her alert mind and excellent health is a testament to what she advocates to recover and maintain good health.

As she stated during the interview, she has abundant energy to carry on her busy schedule, does not take any drugs, does not take mammograms, does not suffer from arthritis or any other illness. Her genes, however, do pre-dispose her to breast cancer, yet she is not worried. Read on to find out why.