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Saturday, November 9th, 2013

The Gluten Summit Event Begins – Nov 11th

Well its FINALLY here!

I am excited to introduce a Summit covering the topic of GLUTEN SENSITIVITY. Nothing like this has been made available before and I’m sure that the quality and extent of information will not only help the lay person, but professionals as well.

You’ve probably already seen various internet “Summit” events being advertised. It is a great way of gathering together numerous experts in a particular field of interest, interviewing them and making available the valuable recordings of the interviews.

For a period of time (usually 24 hours), these are available at no cost, with an optional UPGRADE package also available for purchase, which will make the entire series of interviews and transcripts permanently available.

Life-changing for many!!

NOW, there is a summit covering the topic of Gluten Sensitivity. In my opinion, this will provide life-changing information for many people. Check out the preview video below.

More Gluten Summit info - CLICK HERE

Gluten Sensitivity Is A Huge Problem:

There is a HUGE and growing problem related to the presence of gluten in the various foods that we consume and to have 29 experts giving their input at this one event is AWESOME !

The event is called THE GLUTEN SUMMIT and runs from Nov. 11 -14.