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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

EFT – So EASY To Do. So Easy NOT To Do.

Have you ever tackled a certain job around the house, office or workplace in a way that takes you several, exhausting hours of focussed effort to complete?

Stickman ShovelingAfter you’re done, have you then realized that a friend or co-worker had, on hand, just the right tool that could have demolished that same job, within minutes, without raising a sweat? It’s something like comparing the use of a hand-saw to a chain-saw when clearing a fallen tree; or a sickle vs a weed-eater when clearing a block of land. That kind thing.

EFTLogo1We’ll, after re-reading my previous post  on “Laughter and Depression”, it hit me, that this was one of those times that I had forgotten that I had, in effect,the equivalent of a “chain-saw” in the “shed”, when I was hacking away at my emotional problem with a “hand-saw”.

In other words, here I had this amazing emotional tool called Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) at my disposal, yet I had overlooked using it ! Can you believe it? !!

 Do YOU do stuff like that, or is it just me?