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Saturday, November 9th, 2013

The Gluten Summit Event Begins – Nov 11th

Well its FINALLY here!

I am excited to introduce a Summit covering the topic of GLUTEN SENSITIVITY. Nothing like this has been made available before and I’m sure that the quality and extent of information will not only help the lay person, but professionals as well.

You’ve probably already seen various internet “Summit” events being advertised. It is a great way of gathering together numerous experts in a particular field of interest, interviewing them and making available the valuable recordings of the interviews.

For a period of time (usually 24 hours), these are available at no cost, with an optional UPGRADE package also available for purchase, which will make the entire series of interviews and transcripts permanently available.

Life-changing for many!!

NOW, there is a summit covering the topic of Gluten Sensitivity. In my opinion, this will provide life-changing information for many people. Check out the preview video below.

More Gluten Summit info - CLICK HERE

Gluten Sensitivity Is A Huge Problem:

There is a HUGE and growing problem related to the presence of gluten in the various foods that we consume and to have 29 experts giving their input at this one event is AWESOME !

The event is called THE GLUTEN SUMMIT and runs from Nov. 11 -14.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Feeding Cities – How and Why should I care?

When I was inspired by this topic, I remembered one of those “pearls of wisdom” quotes:
                                  “There’s no use hurrying,
                      if you’re headed in the wrong direction.”

New York City MontageIt seemed appropriate. When I think of that quote, I immediately get the visual of the hustle and bustle of city traffic, the ebb and flow of hoards of city workers attending their jobs and the seeming insanity of it all.

There’s a book out by Carolyn Steel, called “Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives”. I haven’t read the book but I have watched a talk given by Carolyn summarizing it (See TED Talk below).  It seemed a stimulating and thought provoking topic to add my own thoughts to.

So, I ask you to consider for a moment the above quote in the context of how you view the foods you eat and where those foods come from. Consider also, the busy-ness of your personal life and the end result of these choices regarding personal health, relationships, satisfaction, quality of life etc.

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Perceptions and Healing – Bruce Lipton Ph.D.

Bruce Lipton PhDThis little one minute video clip (included below) of Bruce Lipton Ph.D. is a gold-rich, introduction to the new understanding of genes and how they operate. It’s called EPIgenetics.

This is an absolutely PROFOUND new understanding!! If you’ve ever felt a victim to the world around you, the 60 seconds it takes you to watch the clip below may transform your life, if you REALLY “get” the implications of what Lipton is saying here.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Is This Swine Flu Pandemic Scare Overblown?

Judging by the scale and intensity of media mobilization and focus on the current swine flu scare, one would guess it equaled the seriousness of a madman running loose in a nuclear launch facility.

Having trouble separating fact from fiction? 
Is the media reaction overblown?
How would you know?

It’s certainly grabbed the world’s attention, that’s for sure. And you’ve very likely got an eye out or two, looking for help to make some sense of it all. Who do you believe? What are you going o do?

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Jackfruit – The Largest Tree-Borne Fruit In The World

Jackfruit REALLY looks like something from another planet!!

Jackfruit Tree With FruitsNative to South and South-East Asian countries its fruit is usually around 10 – 12 inches in diameter or more.

It is the national fruit of Bangladesh, has been cultivated in India for centuries. and is also very common in the Philippines and Brazil in particular.

We live in a more-or-less sub-tropical area of SE Queensland in Australia and Jackfruit is not something that you see much here at all. But when it does show up in the markets or at a store, it is quickly pounced on by those who know about it. Others just stare at these wondering, “What on earth is that!?