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Monday, September 8th, 2008

Ryan’s Well – Water Shortage, Awareness and Inspiration

After considering the previous post “How Would You Live On Only 10 Liters of Water per Day” I wonder if you were struck, as I was, with a heightened sense of appreciation for the amazing convenience and abundance of tap water in your home?

Title from the movie Ryan's WellWere you also, (even a little) uncomfortably reminded, that there are billions of others living a lifestyle in stark contrast to your own? I certainly was.

Your heart goes out to them all, doesn’t it?

“Can I make a difference here?” you may wonder; but then so often life’s immediate pressures exert themselves and the thought is gone. Even if you do have time to consider longer, most of the time you feel powerless to affect any positive change. 

A couple of years ago I saw an inspiring documentary called “Ryan’s Well” really helped me to shift this feeling of powerlessness. I’ve included a clip (further down) of the first 10 minutes because I want you to be inspired too.