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Healing Cancer World Summit Day 1 – Gerson

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Following on from the previous post, here is a general summary of the second interview held on Day 1 of the Healing Cancer World Summit. I have also included some further, related comments and links to resources that I hope you will find useful in exploring this subject further.

As with all of these interviews, I wish to state that this writing is merely a reporting on the content of each of the interviews from the Healing Cancer World Summit. It is not, nor intended to be, medical advice. If you are sick we advise that you seek the care of qualified healthcare provider. We at do not necessarily agree nor disagree with everything that each speaker presents.

Charlotte Gerson

Meet Charlotte Gerson:
Charlotte Gerson is a very vibrant and active 89 year old. She regularly drives herself across the border to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico to counsel patients and present lectures. Her alert mind and excellent health is a testament to what she advocates to recover and maintain good health.

As she stated during the interview, she has abundant energy to carry on her busy schedule, does not take any drugs, does not take mammograms, does not suffer from arthritis or any other illness. Her genes, however, do pre-dispose her to breast cancer, yet she is not worried. Read on to find out why.

Her grandmother and her mother’s sister both developed the same type of breast cancer at the same age of 50 years.  Her grandmother subsequently died from breast cancer, but her mother’s sister followed the Gerson Therapy after the diagnosis and survived the illness. She then went on to live to the ripe old age of 86 years. So, something must be working.

She is definitely a "woman on a mission"; very passionate and determined to continue helping others through the teaching and promotion of the work originally started by her father, Dr. Max Gerson. The high level of natural confidence she exudes when speaking of the value of the Gerson Therapy can only come from someone well-acquainted with achieving good results. CLICK HERE for further details.

Rising public interest in the Gerson Therapy over the years resulted in her opening the now well-known, Gerson Institute, back in 1977. A second clinic, known as The Gerson Health Center, outside of Budapest, Hungary was opened in 2009,  See for more details.

Dr. Max Gerson:
Charlotte is the daughter of the famed Dr. Max Gerson, who originally developed the Gerson Therapy back in the 1920’s. "A Cancer Therapy" by Dr. Max Gerson His book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases (now in it’s 6th edition) has become a classic in the circles of Natural Health and Alternative Cancer Treatment.

It was the first-hand witnessing of the successes of Dr. Max Gerson’s methods that inspired Charlotte Gerson to continue promoting the work of her father.

The Gerson View Of Cancer:
When asked about her views on cancer, Charlotte replied simply that "Cancer is (a result of) the ultimate breakdown of the body’s defenses". This breakdown happens, basically, through lack of nourishment and the over abundance of toxins.

Charlotte Gerson maintains that when the body’s defense systems are fully operational,
then cancer is impossible.

The Gerson Therapy:
The Gerson Therapy is basically organized around supporting the body in REBUILDING it’s innate defenses, through

1. an IN-put of natural, live, nutrients and
2. getting the Toxins OUT.

This is done through 4 main avenues:


The Diet:
Charlotte explained that the Gerson Diet eschewed all toxic and "dead" foods. It was based around a vegetarian diet of organic, fresh, living foods. That’s the key. Insisting on organic foods ensures the highest nutrient content and also, that pesticides, fungicides, food chemicals, dyes and other artificial ingredients are eliminated. "These do not belong in the human body", she said.

Diet Summary:
– no animal products
– vegetarian diet
– use of "fresh and alive", organic foods.
– no processed, canned, jarred, frozen or "junk" foods
– no salt

CLICK HERE for more precise details on the Gerson Therapy from the Gerson website itself. 

When asked about SALT, Charlotte holds that "salt is way worse than sugar" as a damaging substance. This was based on the initial experiments and observations of Dr. Max Gerson who found that salt intake “caused problems”. When he eliminated salt from the diet, then his patients showed marked improvement.

"Enzymes" by Dixon and Webb Charlotte referred to researchers Dixon and Webb who’s work was published in their book "Enzymes" (circa. 1965). This evidenced the problems caused by sodium penetration and which also corroborated Dr. Max Gerson’s initial findings.

Even though juicing is an important part of the Gerson Therapy, Charlotte pointed out that the juicing "alone" is not a solution. The "Gerson Therapy needs to be done all together; not just juices", she said.

A significant point brought out in this interview, was the fact that most of the people going to the Gerson Clinic were already diagnosed as "terminal". Charlotte stated that most were already very damaged by drug therapies, very weak and deficient. Many could not eat, so juices provided a great means to deliver an abundance of fresh nutrients.

These juices consisted of 8 oz of organic carrot/apple or "Green Juice" every hour; which amounts to some 13 juices extracted from about 20 lbs of fresh foods per day. These juices, and other "special soups", help strengthen the liver and kidneys.

As with the previous interview with Dr. Gonzalez, Charlotte Gerson also referred to the significant work of John Beard into pancreatic enzymes. As with Dr. Gonzalez, these too form an important supplemental part of the Gerson Therapy along with Laetrile (B-17). Both of these help to attack the cancer itself.

Fats and Oils:
On the subject of fats and oils, Charlotte stated that all but one of these are eliminated from the diet, as they are reputed to "nourish the tumor tissue". That one exception is Flax Oil. According to the Gerson website, the flax oil had healing properties that "reduces inflammatory responses in the body". Charlotte also referred to the important work of Johanna Budwig with Flax Oil. CLICK HERE for more info on Budwig’s work.

Coffee Enema Kit The use of Coffee Enemas is the main method of assisting the body during the detoxification process. Although scoffed at by ardent skeptics, Coffee Enemas, never-the-less, have quite a proven history of value.

For your interest, here is a link to a 4 page article in PDF format, which outlines the unique history and amazing detoxification properties of The Coffee Enema. Thanks to for the PDF.  CLICK HERE 

During the interview Charlotte Gerson recounted the interesting history of Coffee Enema’s with their initial discovery during the horrible carnage of WWI. The Coffee Enema, not only helps to move the bowel, but also, and more importantly, stimulates the liver to release toxins. This, in turn, supports that same important organ to restore, build and heal.

Coffee Enema’s also are reported to be very helpful in reducing the pain commonly associated with terminal cancer conditions. For a brief report on this CLICK HERE.


When asked about the role of exercise in the Gerson Therapy, she reminded the audience that most patients they see are "terminal" and need all their energy to heal. "Mental activity, prayer, meditation, laughing …. YES!" says Ms Gerson, but “exercise”, per se, is discouraged; especially in the early stages of the Therapy.

What about the sugars in the Carrot and Apple Juice?
Ms Gerson’s response to this question was two fold.

1. Yes, sugar is “bad”, but complex carbohydrates (as present in these juices) are “basic nutrition for the body”.

2. Their 30 years of experience have proven these juices to be of great value; “If they were a problem”, she said, they would not have had the successes they have had.

Gerson Therapy Effectiveness?
Charlotte was quick to point out again that the patients that come to the Gerson Clinic are mostly "terminal", meaning, they have been given up by the main stream medicine. Basically, they have been sent home to die. Given this situation, it would seem that having ANYONE recover would be significant.

But their history shows not one, or a few, but many, who recover completely. Charlotte stated that they had patients who are now surviving their cancer in the 10, 20 and 30 years. There was one pancreatic cancer survivor who was now into his 23rd year of survival.

On a personal note, I would add that I have personal friend in the USA, who was diagnosed with 4th stage Melanoma in the early ’80’s, and I am happy to report that she is alive and well today. She based her recovery program around the Gerson Therapy. It took about 2 years remaining faithful to the program, but she did it.

As was true for my friend, Charlotte stated that the program must be strictly adhered to for at least 2 years. The "downside" to this program is that the work is very intensive, and most often the patient needs help to do all that is required each day.

Then there is the issue of adhering to the 100% compliance with the protocols. Some fail to maintain the rigor required and, as a result, often undo their progress through indiscretions of one sort or another.

Ms Gerson did mention “recovery” figures in a range around 25% – 65%. Considering that most patients are like "refugees" from the medical system’s failed attempts to help them, even the lower end of that range would be looked upon favorably. To those who have already been given a “death sentence” by the medical system, I dare say that this would be downright exciting news.

Can the Gerson Therapy be used for other diseases?
Since the early days of Dr. Max Gerson’s work with the therapy it has been found to be helpful for some 1200+ diseases. Charlotte explained that this is mainly so because most disease have their roots in toxicity and deficiency.

Experience has shown that those diseases that do not respond well to the therapy are diseases of the central nervous system, such as Parkinson’s and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). There are a few more mentioned on their website, such as acute leukemia, most brain cancers and a few other conditions. CLICK HERE for more details.

Healing The Gerson wayBooks and Other Info:
Charlotte Gerson has several books now published (See Below). One book has been translated into 12 languages, the other into 8 or 9 languages. 

"Healing The Gerson Way"
“Defeating Obesity, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure"
“Defeating Arthritis, Bone and Joint Diseases"   – just released.

For more information and website sales of her books and materials, please visit 

Additional links to websites, videos online etc.

History of The Gerson Therapy – Dr. Patricia Spain Ward   CLICK HERE
A Coffee Enema – Now I’ve Heard Everything CLICK HERE 
Coffee Enema: History, Research and Clinical TrialsCLICK HERE

There are also many videos on YouTube available

  The Gerson Therapy For Cancer Explained – YouTube
(CLICK below) – 2 min

Short interview with Charlotte Gerson (below) – 10min 
She discusses how her father, Dr. Max Gerson, found a way to
treat his patients using an alternative cancer treatment.

If you do a search on YouTube, you will find many more lectures and interviews available pertaining to Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Therapy.

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