Sunday, January 13th, 2013

HealThy Mouth World Summit – time sensitive for free viewing.

Healthy Mouth World Summit LogoThe first BIG free event for 2013 is the HealThy Mouth World Summit.

We’ve announced several “world summit” event formats like this before, but never on the topic of Holistic Dental Health. 

Judging by the schedule and the line-up of speakers, I’d say this event offers virtually the full “A – Z” of everything you need to know about dental wellness and how it is directly connected with your overall health as well.

Those of you with little ones, I’m sure, would have particular interest in this. A nice feature of this kind of event is that each day’s session is made available for a period of time, for FREE.

The HealThy Mouth World Summit is to be held over 7 days with THREE powerpoint presentations each day.

I am impressed with the lineup of Biological Dentists, Holistic Doctors,
Nutritionists, and authors presenting. Most of the speakers offer a Q & A on their presentation at a certain time each day, so you get a chance of getting your questions answered.

The event is FREE, and recordings for each day’s session will remain up for 24 hours (Midnight to midnight Pacific Time – USA). An optional “Upgrade” package is made available for purchase which allows you to keep a permanent record of all the sessions in different formats; these include the PowerPoint presentations,  audio downloads, transcripts and more.

I feel good about promoting this event as I feel it is terrific value for you in every way.   

This is cutting edge information
with time-tested techniques for creating
optimal oral health.

I invite you to use my affiliate link HERE for access if you wish to partake, OR, if you wish, access their website at

I notice that the recordings for Day 1 have just been posted so head on over there while today’s content is still available for free. If you have any friends or family who may have interest in this information, please direct them to this post so they can benefit as well. Thank you.

Wishing you Good Health and sound, “pearly white’s”. 

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