Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Support Senate Bill #201 “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”.

Your Support Is Urgently Needed:
Support Senate Bill #201 “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”

The battle to preserve your rights to drink raw milk continues. The battleground is centered in California, but the results ultimately will effect everyone.

For details on exactly HOW you can help please visit the page at the OrganicPastures.COM website. CLICK HERE. 

Monday 23rd June,
is the day to make those calls to
California Assembly Health Committee Members
(they meet and vote on Tuesday June 24th)

For Details On HOW YOU CAN HELP.

 “Must see” Video: (9 min)
Good information about SB 201 and how it affects your choice as a consumer.

What’s Been Happening?

Here’s a brief update to fill in the events from when we posted last.

Much has been happening both on the Legal front as well as that of the Legislature.

In the last post we were looking forward to gaining a bit more ground during the hearings held on April 25th and May 23rd, but this was not to be.

The Ruling:
Unfortunately, Judge Tobias denied the dairies a preliminary injunction holding that the current coliform standard did have a rational basis in law (this was essentially an “about-face” from his earlier position). 

In handing down his ruling Judge Tobias added that he wasn’t convinced the plaintiffs would win a trial for a permanent injunction and that they’d do well to work with their political reps to get the legislation modified.

Appeal Filed:
An appeal was filed on June 5th against the ruling, by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Experts Witnesses Testify:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and the Weston A. Price Foundation were supported in testimony, at that hearing, by two experts  Dr. Ted Beals from Michigan and Dr. Ron Hull from Australia.

Download Testimony as PDF (great information):
A copy of their fascinating testimony can be obtained from

Senate Bill #201 “The Fresh Raw Milk Act 2008”
On Monday June 9th Senate Bill #201 was introduced. This was designed to replace AB 1735 with a more rational standard fro raw milk safety.

For the first time in the United States, this Bill mandates a food safety, HACCP plan at California’s Raw Milk Dairies. (View the above video for an overview).

Remember These Three Key Points about SB #201:

  1. The HACCP (pronounced “Hassup”) for safety plan, for individual raw milk producers, is the best food safety system in the world.
  2. SB #201 requires intensive testing for human pathogens at least twice each week (whereas AB 1735 does not require pathogen testing).
  3. SB #201 closes loopholes so that raw milk producers must not ever outsource production of raw milk from other dairies that do not conform to the same production standards.

Where possible, your physical presence at the SB 201 hearing on June 24th will help tremendously. It is important to get a large crowd at the hearing.

1:30 PM in Room 4202 of the State Capitol, Sacramento

Why is My Support Crucial?
SB 201 is being introduced as an “Urgency Bill”. This means that it will go into effect immediately the Governor signs it. The challenge, however, with this type of Bill is that it needs a 2/3 majority to be passed, rather than a simple majority. Every person counts !!


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[…] you are new to the Raw Milk debate please review our post of June 23rd. as well as more in-depth articles accessed via the reference links […]

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