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The Gluten Summit Event Begins – Nov 11th

Well its FINALLY here!

I am excited to introduce a Summit covering the topic of GLUTEN SENSITIVITY. Nothing like this has been made available before and I’m sure that the quality and extent of information will not only help the lay person, but professionals as well.

You’ve probably already seen various internet “Summit” events being advertised. It is a great way of gathering together numerous experts in a particular field of interest, interviewing them and making available the valuable recordings of the interviews.

For a period of time (usually 24 hours), these are available at no cost, with an optional UPGRADE package also available for purchase, which will make the entire series of interviews and transcripts permanently available.

Life-changing for many!!

NOW, there is a summit covering the topic of Gluten Sensitivity. In my opinion, this will provide life-changing information for many people. Check out the preview video below.

More Gluten Summit info - CLICK HERE

Gluten Sensitivity Is A Huge Problem:

There is a HUGE and growing problem related to the presence of gluten in the various foods that we consume and to have 29 experts giving their input at this one event is AWESOME !

The event is called THE GLUTEN SUMMIT and runs from Nov. 11 -14.

I am excited about this particular summit because this is the most comprehensive coverage on the topic of gluten sensitivity that I have seen to date. There is input from 29 experts.

Most of them are already very well known and respected in their field of expertise.

Even though I’ve already read widely and listened to countless hours of interviews on the subject, I look forward to learning alot at this event. 

             Who is speaking at the Gluten Summit?

Prof. Michael Marsh Dr. Loren Cordain Dr. Alessio Fasano
Dr. Umberto Volta Dr. Aristo Vojdani J.J. Virgin
Dr. Mark Hyman Jeffery Smith Dr. Deanna Minich
Dr. Daniel Amen Suzy Cohen Dr. Mark Houston
Dr. Rodney Ford Andrew Keech Erica Kasuli
Cynthia Kupper Dr. Liz Lipski Dr. William Davis
Melinda Dennis Dave Asprey Nora Gedgaudas
Dr. Peter Osborne Jaqui Karr Sayer Ji
Tom Malterre Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride Dr. David Perlmutter
  Dr. Marios Hadjivassiliou  


Basic Summit Format:

The recordings of 3 to 4 interviews each day are made available to watch/listen to online. The great thing is that the way this event is structured, there is an opportunity for you to access this valuable information at NO COST for a period of time. 

         How can I watch/listen to these at no cost?   
   Simply by, first registering HERE, then logging in to the 
      recording during the 24 hour period after each one 
                             is first published online

If you can’t make it to listen during those times and you value the information, there is also an opportunity to purchase the entire set of recordings for later and repeated listening.

(As full disclosure, I also want to be open about the fact that should you make a purchase of the recordings from the site as a result of this post, I will receive some financial remuneration).

It?s Just the Tip of the Iceberg:

I feel certain the speakers included in this GLUTEN SUMMIT will reveal, that this issue of Gluten Sensitivity is much more prevalent, and runs much deeper into our modern lifestyle, habits, choices and environment than people realize.

The need for increasing numbers to now have a gluten free diet is just the tip of the iceberg. It is becoming obvious that we cannot afford to be blas? about our food choices and lifestyle; even if we are not experiencing any of the obvious symptoms described.

                We cannot afford to be blas? about 
                                  our food choices.

The ?Gluten-Free? Label – Not Always ?Healthy?:

Not to knock the manufacturers who create excellent, quality gluten-free products, but it is useful to remember that there are also many manufacturers that have jumped on the "Gluten Free" bandwagon hoping to cash in on the skyrocketing demand for these kinds of products.

Please remember, when you’re out shopping, that just because it’s labelled "Gluten Free", it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also good for your health; it just means that it may not trigger that gluten sensitivity. It is ALWAYS a good practice to read the label and choose accordingly.

Feedback on this Gluten Summit?

I’d be interested in hearing any feedback about your experience of any of the recordings. You’ll find more information about the Gluten Summit at

Cheers for now.

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